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Hi guys,

As you probably have seen, most of the game modes in the network are currently down, including the teamspeak server.

This is because the server has money issues currently and there are not enough donations to keep the dedicated servers up. I guess most of the playerbase has lost interest on the server, probably because the lack of updates, the amount of hackers, or they just moved to another game.

The main dedicated server is going to expire in the next 2 weeks, just wanted to let you guys know that we are probably going under maintenance until there is enough money again to host the server.

If you want to help, contact us on contact@spainpvp.com or through our discord.

Remember you can still donate on the store to try and keep the server up.

Hey, there dear community members!

I'm happy I can be here and tell you guys that the well-known Open Mic Night is finally coming back to the SpainPvP Network!

A few months ago a thread was posted which included some reasons why the OMN stopped being an event on Spain. I really hope we can bring this amazing event back, we will try our best to make the event great again.
We are going to restart with the one OMN per month and If we see the event is growing and you guys like it, we may increase it.
We have added a new method for the application. Since we were getting a lot of troll applications during the event, we decided to change the way that people will notice the Crew staff that they want to apply. From now, if you would like to perform, you will have to simply message the [Host] during the event. Messaging the host once is enough, you may get ignored but your 'application' is logged and...​
Hey, dear SpainPvP forum members!

Today I would like to introduce one of the biggest updates in the SpainPvP Network's history. This is SpainPvP v2.0! I'm really happy I could tell you guys all the new features of the network!

Survival Games Maker

I'm pretty sure most of you already know SGMaker, but if not, I'm here to introduce you our new gamemode! We're happy to tell you that SGMaker is officially a thing on the SpainPvP Network. But what SGMaker actually is? It's a custom Survival Games feature where you can create custom rooms to play only with your friends or the people you want in a closed game with you. At the release of the Gamemode, you will need Donor Aqua to create lobbies. This may change in the future but for now, it's only for...​