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Guide [NEW] SpainPvP Moderator Application Guide v2

Discussion in 'Application Templates' started by Kentir, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Kentir

    Mar 2, 2015
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    SpainPvP Moderator Application Guide

    Please keep in mind that our Senior Staff team is hiring for professional moderators. We would like you to show us your best in your application.

    To apply for moderator, you first of all have to know if you’d really like to apply or not. If you do, then I’d recommend you to read this guide from the beginning until the end.

    The process it self is going to be most probably a long one. First of all when you have submitted your application, keep in mind that you can not ask any staff member to review it. Whenever you have posted your application, a member of Sr.Staff team will have to review it.

    As a tip, I’d recommend you to put as much more effort on the application as possible. As I have already said, we want to have professional Moderators. The better you write it, the more chance of acceptance you’ll get.

    If you’re getting declined many times, I’d recommend you to stop submitting applications and try to take a rest. After you’ve done with that, you can write the application once again.

    • Be at least 14 years old. Exeptions can be made for those who are going to turn 14 soon.
    • Be mature.
    • Write at least 800 words in your application.
    • Have the ability to record and upload videos.
    • Do not have any previous or current punishments on our network.
    • Have a microphone.
    • Have at least some past experiences as a Staff member.

    Applying & Recommendations

    Now we are going to cover different questions of the new application.

    These are the first 5 questions of the mod application. They are made just for us to know you better. For your name, we would like to know your in real life name. For age, we want to know your real age (lying about your age will result in a permanent denegation from applying in the future). For in game name we want your minecraft username so if you are going to get moderator, the rank is going to be assigned to that account. Also, tell us what languages you speak as it may be really helpful if you are multilingual. Keep in mind that you must have a decent level of either Spanish or English language. We also need to know where you currently live as it also might be a good advantage for you and for us because if we have moderators from different timezones it might be easier to get rid of rulebreakers.
    These questions are made so that we will know you a little bit deeper. We need to know if you are experienced with both Minecraft and SpainPvP, if you have been punished on our Network or not and do you have the ability to record and upload videos, because if you can't, you wil get denied as we need evidences for the punishments we issue. You also need to own a microphone that is a good quality one so you will be able to communicate with the rest of the Staff and users as well as have the ability to talk during the Interview, if you will get a chance to.
    These are the questions made to see your experiences as a moderator as well as how would you deal with different situations as a mod. We can not give you much details on it, but the only thing we can say is that you have to write as much more as possible, but keep in mind that you can not write anything off-topic.

    These questions are made to verify your experience with SpainPvP a little bit more. If you have ever used report a player section, it will be a really good advantage since moderators are dealing with this reports. If you have been on our teamspeak, it is also a very good thing because moderators moderate all the platforms, including minecraft server, forums and teamspeak. We also want to know what are your qualities and how would you like to see this community improve.
    These are the scenario questions. You have to imagine that you own the moderator rank on our Network and what would you do in different situations above.
    This is the agreement. You must sign it. Failure to sign it will result in an immediate denegation of your application.

    Application Layout

    This is a very serious part of the application. Since our Sr.Staff is hiring for professional Moderators, they want to see professionality in your application, and obviously, the layout.

    Here's a good example of the layout:
    What is your name?: Philipp
    How old are you?: 14
    What is your in game name?: Kentir
    What languages, other than English, do you speak and at what level?: Russian and Spanish fluently.

    Here's a bad example of the layout:
    What is your name?: Philipp
    How old are you?: 14
    What is your in game name?: Kentir
    What languages, other than English, do you speak and at what level?:
    Russian and Spanish fluently.
    What is your name?: I can't tell you
    How old are you?: Around 10-20
    What is your in game name?: K E * T I *
    What languages, other than English, do you speak and at what level?: 2 languages.

    Application Stages

    PENDING - This is when your application has been reviewed and accepted by a sr. staff member. Now you’ll have to wait untill the rest of the sr. staff team will review it and soon take a decition whether or not to accept you to the next stage.

    INTERVIEW - This is when you application has been reviewed by the rest of the sr. staff team and you have been accepted for the interview. The interview will be held on our TeamSpeak Server (ts.spainpvp.com). You will also have to ask a Sr.Mod to give you a Waiting rank on TeamSpeak.

    DENIED - This is when your application/interview was being declined by the sr. staff team. Do not worry, you'll be able to re apply as how much as you want to unless the sr. staff will not allow you to apply.

    Do’s and Dont’s


    DO Check your application before submitting
    DO Write as much more as possible
    DO Try to be patient on the reply to your application
    DO Use proper grammar
    DO Be active on forums, teamspeak and server itself
    DO Answer each question in the application
    DO Respect the decisions of the Sr.Staff


    DO NOT Ask the Sr.Staff to review your application or make an interview
    DO NOT Ask others to help you with your application
    DO NOT Avoid telling us the alt. accounts names
    DO NOT Repeat yourself
    DO NOT Copy someone else's apply
    DO NOT Skip some questions
    DO NOT Make your application colored
    DO NOT Avoid answering questions
    DO NOT Lie


    I hope this guide helped you. Good luck with your application!
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