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Guide Map Submissions F.A.Q

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by Kentir, May 12, 2016.

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    Map Submissions F.A.Q


    Hello Dear SpainPvP Players!

    This is the F.A.Q thread for Map Submissions, so all the most common questions will be answered here.


    What are Map Submissions?

    Map Submissions is the section where you can submit a map that you've build by yourself or with other people for our Network.

    Where can I submit a map?

    You can submit a map here. Make sure that the map is completely done and there aren't any bugs.

    What gamemodes can I submit maps for?

    We currently accept New Duel map submissions.

    When will my map be reviewed and by who?

    When you have submitted your map you'll have to wait until the Administrative team will review it. Then they will share their opinions between each other and decide whether or not to accept the map.

    What rank will I recieve if I build a map which got accepted?

    1 accepted map -> Aqua Rank
    3+ accepted maps -> Friend Rank

    1 accepted Survival Games map -> Friend Rank.

    I'm waiting so long to get an answer on my map submission. What do I do?

    The usual thing people do is they start messaging the Admins asking them to review the map but that's not going to help in any way. You just have to be patient. Keep in mind that Admins are not only responsible for Map Submissions, they have got lots of other things to do first.

    I have got a suggestion for Map Submissions. Where can I share it with other people?

    You can post your suggestion here. The Community is going to give opinions on your suggestion and most likely soon it will be reviewed by the Admins and they will reply to you whether or not this idea will be implemented.

    What happens when my map got accepted/declined?

    Whenever your map has got accepted, it will be moved to the Accepted Maps section and soon it will be added to our Network. You'll also get your rank. If your map got declined, it will be moved to Declined Maps section. The Admins will explain to you the reason of their decision to decline the map.

    I haven't recieved my rank yet. What do I do?

    You have to keep in mind that it might take up to a week for you to get your rank on all of our platforms, especially in-game. If you still haven't received your rank after a week, you can politely ask an Admin or Sr.Mod about it.


    Thank you very much for your attention. I hope this thread answered some of your questions. If you still have questions, please ask me or an Admin at any time! I might be adding more questions soon to this thread. If you feel like I have to add something else on here, please inbox me on forums.​
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