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  1. Staff Medals

    Medals for Staff Members!

    1. Administrator

      Become a SpainPvP Administrator!

      Awarded Users:
      1. sancanella
      2. marcosav
      3. Facufer
    2. Mod Of The Month

      I got an excellent job in all platforms during 1 month!

    3. 1000 Messages!

      I got 1000 messages on the forums!

    4. Event Manager

      Become an Event Manager!

    5. Owner

      Awarded Users:
      1. donpolilla
    6. 1st Place!!! Awards #2

      SpainPvP Awards 1st Place!

    7. 2nd Place!!! Awards #2

      SpainPvP Awards 2nd Place!

    8. 3rd Place!!! Awards #2

      SpainPvP Awards 3rd Place!

    9. Tournament Third Place

      I got the third place on a tournament event!

    10. Tournament Second Place

      I got the second place on a tournament event!

    11. Tournament First Place

      I got the first place on a tournament event!

    12. 100 followers!

      Yay! I got 99 + 1 follower on the forums!

    13. Donor Fire!!

      I got Donor Fire on SpainPvP!

      Awarded Users:
      1. Acrey
      2. Hakodate
      3. FstMario
      4. Servix
    14. Donor Silver!!!

      I supported the server by buying a donor silver!

    15. 1 year as a Sr.Staff!

      Yay! I spent 365 days doing Sr.Staff duties!

    16. 1 year as Staff!

      Yay! I spent 365 performing moderaton duties!

    17. Gold Medal!!! Awards #3

      Wooooow! I got the first place on the Awards #3

    18. Silver Medal!!! Awards #3

      Yasss! I got the second place on the Awards #3

    19. Bronze Medal!!! Awards #3

      Wiii! I got the 3rd place on the Awards #3

    20. Forum Creator

      I created SpainPvP forums!

      Awarded Users:
      1. Javii
    21. Map Maker

      I can play my maps on SpainPvP!

    22. DonorAqua

      I supported the server by buying DonorAqua!

    23. Developing God

      Be a SpainPvP Developer

      Awarded Users:
      1. marcosav
      2. sancanella