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SpainPvP Awards #3: Second Round

Welcome to the second round of the 3rd edition of our Awards! This is also the eliminations round. Those who got the least votes in all the nominatiuons have got removed from the awards. Tribute to them!


The event is split up into 3 rounds, the first, second and third rounds which are all eliminations. Each round lasts for a week. After the week has passed, we will be counting all the votes, eliminating those who have gotten less voted than the others and, finally, moving onto the next round. In most of the nominations there are 8 nominees in the first round. In the second round there will be 5 nominees and in the final third round, only 3. Nominations with less or more than 8 nominees will be proceeded differently from the method explained before. During the LIVE closing ceremony we will announce the nominees that got the third, second and first place in each nomination.

Hello, SpainPvP!

Here's another launched update on our servers with the following features:
  • All the users who got banned by the console for NoSlowDown have been unbanned and the check for this hack has been temporarily disabled due to an issue
  • New anti-cheat check for users with suspicious connections to our server
  • The stats and leaderboards have been fixed and now work properly (The leaderboards update every hour)
Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!
Hello SpainPvP Community!

Today our developers finally released our new game mode! If you didn't know already we're releasing a new game mode called "Survival games", "SG" for short. Some of you might not have played it and that's why I've created this thread. Survival games is a fun game mode where there are 24 participants that fight to the death.

Where and how do you play?
At first, you will have to join one of our SG Lobbies and vote on one of our current 10 maps (more to be added) To vote you type in chat "/vote [number]"(Click here for an example) After approximately two minutes in the lobby you will be tp'd into the chosen map.You will spawn with 23 other participants, once you spawned you will notice that there are chests all around you. There are two types of chests. These chests are called "Tier 1" and "Tier 2"
A Tier 1 chest includes some basic loot such as...