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Hello SpainPvP Community!

Today, our developers have launched yet another update on our Minecraft server. Everyone get ready, the new anti-cheat is here!

So, what are the new anti-cheat checks? Read the following list:
  • Better speed detection
  • Sneak detection
  • Derp detection
  • NoSlowDown detection
  • Better fly detection
  • AutoClick detection!
  • Better performance (Less lag spikes)
If you are experiencing any bugs, immediately use the bugs report section on the forums! Those who will attempt to hack will get ban-hammered!
Make sure to thank @donpolilla and @sancanella for working hard on this update, and blame them if you find any bugs, obviously.

Thank you and have a nice day!
Rules Update: No More Camping!

Hello SpainPvP Community!

It has been a while since we have made the new rules but we haven't ever updated them, and today is the day we're doing it for the first time ever!

A lot of people were complaining and reporting others for camping while playing a game which makes it more slow and annoying, and it has never been against the rules, but as of today camping is forbidden and those who will do it will be punished on the Network. Camping is when a player is staying in a place which is hard to reach in order to prolong the duel.

This rule only applies in Duel 2.0

So now, people from the Internet, quit camping or you'll get ban hammered!
New Forum Medals

Hello SpainPvP community!

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you the new forum medals! The forum medals we had until now were not of the best quality and we wanted to get some new medals a time ago already, therefore today we bring you some new amazing medals which you will enjoy looking at!

Now let's meet the new medals:



1 year as a Staff


1 year as a Sr.Staff

500 messages


1000 messages


Donor Aqua...