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Hello people!

I am please to inform that we have just added a new ffa map for christmas!

Here are some images:





Hopefully, you will enjoy playing on this map a lot!

Thanks to @ChizzyGoo and @beoniks for making this amazing map!!!


Hey there dear Community Members.
In this beautiful day I’m pleased to announce to you that SpainPvP Network has been updated!
Today there was a maintenance for about 3-4 hours on our server. During that time, we have been updating the entire server, as well as the Christmas Lobby, adding stats to survival games and more...

So let’s meet the new updates, shall we?

New Christmas lobby

The Christmas is coming, so we have decided to add a lobby accordings to this dates. This lobby has been possible thanks to Team Caelum.
There you have a few pictures, so you can see how the lobby is

Hello people!

We are very sorry about the delay but we have finally got all the results for the third edition of the SpainPvP Awards!

Category People

Favourite Owner
  1. donpolilla - 70,51%​
  2. JRoviraa - 24,35%​
  3. Donpo - 5,12%​
Favourite Developer
  1. JRoviraa - 51,28%​
  2. sancanella - 39,74%​
  3. marcosav - 8,97%​
Favourite Admin
  1. Facufer - 52,56%​
  2. JRoviraa - 35,89%​