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Hello, SpainPvP Community!

We have been wondering what the community would like to see on the donator ranks.

These suggestions can be on any platform and we don’t want regular suggestions for the server here, you can write those here.

Also, you can suggest a new donator rank here or add to the older ones.

If you do have any good suggestions for donator perks please fill out the google form that can be found here!

Here’s what we’re looking for in the google form:

Welcome to a SpainPvP General Map Update!


New Hub

Map name: Catacombs
Creator: The Aurora Team
Map Thread: http://spainpvp.com/threads/catacombs-spainpvp-hub.30599/


New FFA Map
Hello, Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who voted for your favorites! We have calculated all the results and are pleased to announce it.
Please note that the medals will take a while to be sent out to all the correct people.

Favorite Owner
Donpolilla - 62.1%
JRoviraa - 27.6%
Donpo - 10.3%
Favorite Admin
Facufer - 69%
Sancanella - 17.2%
Marcosav -...