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Hello, SpainPvP players and staff!

Today I'm here to announce the creation of a new, official, building team for SpainPvP! But we will also work for other servers if requested.

Our first project will be 1v1 duel arenas if no one has a better idea.

What can we offer?

Forums ChangeLog 27/04/2017

Hello there SpainPvP players!

I'm glad to announce the update of our forums. Since we've been using this forum style for quite a lot of time, we have decided to change it for a new, better-looking one.

We've released the following colors for this version:

- SpainPvP 2017 - Default
- SpainPvP 2017 - Green
- SpainPvP 2017 - Aqua
- SpainPvP 2017 - Corporate
- SpainPvP 2017 - Orange
- SpainPvP 2017 - Red
- SpainPvP 2017 - Night
- SpainPvP 2017 - Purple

Read this awesome tutorial by @NoHacksAllowed on how to select a forum theme.

And if you want to see any other colors please don't hesitate to PM me!

Do not like the new...​
Hello SpainPvP Community!

NoHacksAllowed here to update you on some news with the Open Mic Night event! So as for popular demand we have decided to make two Open Mic Night event's a month! All Open Mic Night events will be taking place on TeamSpeak 3.

Open Mic Night Directory


Thanks everyone for requesting this amazing idea and we hope to offer you many more amazing events! :) If you have any questions please contact us...​