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Hello SpainPvP users!

In this thread, I'd like to quickly explain what's currently going on about the OMN (Open Mic Night) Event. As most of you probably know, some of our Events were canceled in the past, the reason for this is the motivation that lacks. Not going to lie, people don't really care about this event anymore, they lost their motivation.​
You may probably know but if you didn't, I'm the Manager of the OMN event since May 2017. As I see the current situation, I decided to cancel every single OMN event this year, and most likely we are not going to restart this even until the server's next big update. What does this mean? We are not going to make Open Mic Night events until 2018 February or March.
This year was fun, once again congrats to all the winners and everyone who performed. Thanks for the amazing memories but as now it's really pointless to have this event with those 8-10 people who join and...​
Hello there SpainPvP Community

I'm happy to announce that the popular event, Open Mic Night is back for the Summer! From now we will go back to the normal program. We will have 1 OMN per each month. Every Open Mic Night will talk place on TeamSpeak (ts.spainpvp.com) as always, every second Saturday of the month.

Here is the directory for the event in the future


We had to take a while since Summer just started and people were not able to join the event. So basically the event is back and we hope lots of you will join!
Hello SpainPvP Users!

We have two important things to tell you about the SpainPvP Anti-cheat.

The Unfair Bans in the past month

As you could probably see, we had a big lag issue on the server and a lot of people got unfairly banned by the Anti-Cheat. We directly reported the issue to developers and as you could probably see the FFA and the Duel servers were down due to this issue. Developers and the Owner of the server were working hard to fix the lag issue, and they successfully found the problem and fixed the bug.
I'd personally like to say Sorry to all those people who got unfairly banned and we decided to unban everyone the last one month. Quick note: Everyone banned by Moderators got unbanned as well and those people who got fairly banned with sufficient evidence will be banned from the network again.
Punishment disputes can be found here:...​