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Hey there dear Community Members.
In this beautiful day I’m pleased to announce that the spainpvp staff team has decided do Open Might Night on 2017!
The event will take place at 9 PM CEST every last Saturday of each month. The event will be hosted on SpainPvPs teamspeak (ts.spainpvp.com)

How can I participate?

The OMN crew will provide a google form link where you can apply.(The link will be sent out right before the event starts) Once you've applied you wait for your turn. The omn crew will send you a message when its your turn just to make sure that you were the one who applied and no one else. Once its your turn you will be given talk power and then you can begin to perform.

What are the rules?

The event rules are the same as the whole network rules. They can be found here: http://spainpvp.com/rules/ If a user is caught breaking some of these rules, he will be punished according to our Staff politics....​

Hello everyone, I am bringing back the old event known as the Staff Q&A. Here you will be able to ask the current SpainPvP Staff members questions.

Where will the Q&A be hosted?
The event will be hosted on the SpainPvP TeamSpeak Server (IP: ts.spainpvp.com)

When will the Q&A take place?
The Q&A will take place on January 8th 2017. If you would like to see what time it will start in your time zone click this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldcl...painPvP+Staff+Q&A&iso=20170108T20&p1=141&ah=1

How do I submit a question?
You may submit a question by clicking here and filling out the required questions.

I forgot to submit a forum. Can I ask a question during the...
Hello people!

I am please to inform that we have just added a new ffa map for christmas!

Here are some images:





Hopefully, you will enjoy playing on this map a lot!

Thanks to @ChizzyGoo and @beoniks for making this amazing map!!!