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Hey SpainPvP users

I made some changes on the forums :

1-. Created the "News & Announcements" section

In that section we will post everything related with changes on the forums , server or TeamSpeak.
Also maybe we'll post some event's information.

2 -. Moved "Server Bugs Report" and "General Support" sections to "Information & Support" category.

3-. Created a new tab , "Apply For Mod"

Some people gets confused because they don't know how to apply for moderator , but with this tab the only thing they need to do is click in it and then It'll redirect them to a post with all the information.

So that's it , if you have any other suggestion for the forum please PM me :)

JaviGBU , Sr.Moderator and Forum Manager.
Hey SpainPvP users!

I saw in the poll that you guys liked all the styles so now you can set the theme that you want.

The default , the light blue , the red or the purple one. (Just added the orange)

The only thing you need to do is go in this section:


And click in "Preferences"

Now it will open a menu like this one :


And there , in "Style" you can choose what color you want , then click in "Save Changes" button and that's it!

Enjoy the new forum colors! :)
Después de más o menos dos meses, finalmente tenemos aquí la segunda parte de la actualización del servidor. A parte de todas las optimizaciones y otras cosas internas que hemos modificado que los usuarios no notarán, aquí tenéis una lista de todo lo que hemos añadido en esta segunda parte:

- Nuevo modo de DUEL con nuevos mapas y sistema de ELO para las stats

- Añadida "racha máxima" o "maximum killstreak" a las stats del FFA

- Añadida scoreboard al FFA del servidor con información varia

- Nuevo comando para todo el mundo llamado /options /opt /settings o /cc donde podreis cambiar opciones basicas del servidor y los donors acceder a caracteristicas explisivas como color de chat, mask... [Proximamente el disguise tambien]

- Nuevo comando para los donors para cambiar su rango: /mask | /unmask (Tambien en /options o /opt)

- Nuevo mapa de FFA (por @FineArts_ )

- Nuevo sistema de antihack con autoban:...