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Hello people!

We are pleased to announce that the Staff Q&A event has been re-opened. But, before we will schedule it we would like to ask about your opinions. First of all, there'are now going to be 3 Q&A's - English, Spanish and Turkish. Myself & @DuruFTW will be in chanrge of organizing it. Therefore, we would like to ask you to vote if you'd like us to host all 3 Q&A in the same day, or by separate days. Feel free to vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11137148/
Voting will end in 1 week and depending on what the most voted schedule is, we will schedule it that way you voted.

Looking forward to see your votes! Good luck!

Hello, community members!

I would like to inform you that the Sr. Staff has decided to create a straw poll to know your opinions about "What's the feature with the highest priority of implementation?"

If you would like to vote, just click HERE and do it right now!

Within the next two weeks the most voted feature will be made by our developers after 1-2 months.

I hope you enjoy it!​
Hey Pvpers!

If you wish to apply for moderator, from now on you will have to use a new template which can be found by clicking here.

Keep in mind that you still are forbidden to ask a Staff to review your application!

The requirements are still the same, you can check this guide if you are not familiar with them yet.

To get familiar with the interview stage, check this guide if you haven't done that yet.

Here's a little F.A.Q:

What if I will use an old template to apply?
As said before, you must use the new template otherwise you will be immediately denied.

What are the new features in this application?

We have just fixed some grammar mistakes as...