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Update Clans Feature
Hello community!

While checking our SpainPvP Awards #2 results, we realised that many of you were interested on having a "Clans" section on the forums. That's why, the Senior Staff Team has decided to approve this idea!

Before creating a clan, make sure to read the rules and you can also check some guides created by @Kentir


Creating a Clan

How to have a successful Clan Battle

Clan Battle F.A.Q

Click here to create your clan!

If we see that this...
Welcome to the SpainPvP Awards #2!
The results!

Thanks to everyone that has been participating in the awards voting on each round for your favourite nominee in different categories! We are so proud to say that SpainPvP Awards #2 have successfully finished! As we were saying in previous posts, the TOP 3 winners will get their medals on forums. If you have got into the TOP 3, you'll get a forum medal as soon as possible!
Unfortunately, there will be no banners. We would like to apologise for the inconvinience.
The SpainPvP Awards #3 will most probably be at the end of 2016. We will notify you whenever that happens!
We would also like to notify you that the percentage results might not be 100% correct, there might be errors, that's totally fine, they aren't thet major. Here're the links for docs of the results of previous rounds:
Welcome to the SpainPvP Awards!
Round 3 - Finals


SpainPvP Awards is an event that lots of people were requesting for a very long time. And also, we do think that people will be really interested in this event and we would like to know your opinions, not only about GameModes, but in general about the server. But of course, we made this to have fun.


Our goals of this event is that we would like to know your opinions a little bit more. We would like to see if you have enjoyed the event and how will you react to the results. We also want to bring more attention to our platforms, apart from the minecraft server.


There are going to be 3 rounds in the awards. The first and second rounds are eliminations. The third round is also an elimination one, but it’s going to be the Final rould. After that we have the results of the round, we will announce the...