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Welcome to the SpainPvP Staff Q&A v2! This is an updated event and all the new stuff shall be explained here.
First of all, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Staff Q&A - this is an event where the Community members are able to ask the Staff team different questions (Questions about the server, life, off-topic and whatsoever). In the Staff Q&A v2 we are going to make three different Q&A's - English, Turkish and Spanish. They will be hosted one after the another. Each event will be hosted it its own language, obviously. On every event we are first going to answer the pre-submitted quetions, and then at the end there's going to be a Live Q&A where you may ask us questions live and we'll be pleased to answer to them as far as they follow the rules that can be found below.


Time and Date:
The event will be hosted once a month on our TeamSpeak server: ts.spainpvp.com. The first...

Hello members of the community!

Today I'm pleased to announce that the spainpvp staff team has decided to bring back Open Might Night!
The event will take place at 7 PM CEST every first Friday of the month. The event will be hosted on SpainPvPs teamspeak (ts.spainpvp.com)

How can I participate?

The OMN crew will provide a google form link where you can apply.(The link will be sent out right before the event starts) Once you've applied you wait for your turn. The omn crew will send you a message when its your turn just to make sure that you were the one who applied and no one else. Once its your turn you will be given talk power and then you can begin to perform.

What are the rules?

The event rules are the same as the whole network rules. They can be found here: http://spainpvp.com/rules/ If a user is caught breaking some of these rules, he will be punished according to our Staff politics....​
Good Afternoon, SpainPvP Community!

Post made by @Kentir

In this beautiful day I’m pleased to announce to you that SpainPvP Network has been updated!

Yesterday there was a maintenance for about 20-30 minutes on our server. During that time, we have been updating the entire BungeeCord, as well as the Duel 2.0.

In this update we bring you a huge revamp in the minecraft server. So let’s meet the new updates, shall we?

In-Game Updates:

NEW Duel 2.0 Lobby: Am amazing build by Team Caelum. We have decited to slowly update every single map on our Network and we are starting off with the brand new duel 2.0 hub. A very modern build that you will enjoy staying in!

BuildUHC: One of the most popular gamemodes nowadays. Diamond armor, sword, pickaxe, axe, lava and water buckets, blocks and the most important, ability to build and break blocks! This was the most...