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Welcome to Staff Q&A!

Staff Q&A (Questions & Answers) - in this event community members will be able to ask the Staff different questions that are going to be answered.

Where will this event be hosted?

The event is going to be held on SpainPvP's TeamSpeak Server (ts.spainpvp.com).

When will the event be?

The events are currently scheduled for the following dates:
9th of July 2016
16th of July 2016

All the events are going to be at 9PM CEST.

How to submit a question?

Before the event will happen you will be able to submit your question(-s) with this Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/z92IYNuRuf.

Can I ask a question during the event?

Hello fellow SpainPvP players! Today im pleased to introduce you that SpainPvP are going to start to host open mic nights. They are going to take place every first saturday each month at 8PM CEST.

What is this event about?

Well I shall tell you right away! An open mic night is basiclly people in the comminity that preforms diffrent performances such as beatboxing, songs, jokes and all between that area.

How can I participate in this fun event?

Our Sr.Mods will provide a google forum in where you have to apply on when the event itself is ongoing. Once you've applied you just have to remember your random code and then send it to an OMN Crew. Why are we asking you to do this? Because in the past, there was used to be some trollers that applied with other...
Hey SpainPvP users

I made some changes on the forums :

1-. Created the "News & Announcements" section

In that section we will post everything related with changes on the forums , server or TeamSpeak.
Also maybe we'll post some event's information.

2 -. Moved "Server Bugs Report" and "General Support" sections to "Information & Support" category.

3-. Created a new tab , "Apply For Mod"

Some people gets confused because they don't know how to apply for moderator , but with this tab the only thing they need to do is click in it and then It'll redirect them to a post with all the information.

So that's it , if you have any other suggestion for the forum please PM me :)

JaviGBU , Sr.Moderator and Forum Manager.