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Good Afternoon, SpainPvP Community!

Post made by @Kentir

In this beautiful day I’m pleased to announce to you that SpainPvP Network has been updated!

Yesterday there was a maintenance for about 20-30 minutes on our server. During that time, we have been updating the entire BungeeCord, as well as the Duel 2.0.

In this update we bring you a huge revamp in the minecraft server. So let’s meet the new updates, shall we?

In-Game Updates:

NEW Duel 2.0 Lobby: Am amazing build by Team Caelum. We have decited to slowly update every single map on our Network and we are starting off with the brand new duel 2.0 hub. A very modern build that you will enjoy staying in!

BuildUHC: One of the most popular gamemodes nowadays. Diamond armor, sword, pickaxe, axe, lava and water buckets, blocks and the most important, ability to build and break blocks! This was the most...
Hello people!

We are pleased to announce that the Staff Q&A event has been re-opened. But, before we will schedule it we would like to ask about your opinions. First of all, there'are now going to be 3 Q&A's - English, Spanish and Turkish. Myself & @DuruFTW will be in chanrge of organizing it. Therefore, we would like to ask you to vote if you'd like us to host all 3 Q&A in the same day, or by separate days. Feel free to vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11137148/
Voting will end in 1 week and depending on what the most voted schedule is, we will schedule it that way you voted.

Looking forward to see your votes! Good luck!

Hello, community members!

I would like to inform you that the Sr. Staff has decided to create a straw poll to know your opinions about "What's the feature with the highest priority of implementation?"

If you would like to vote, just click HERE and do it right now!

Within the next two weeks the most voted feature will be made by our developers after 1-2 months.

I hope you enjoy it!​