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Welcome to the SpainPvP Awards!

Round 2 - Eliminations


SpainPvP Awards is an event that lots of people were requesting for a very long time. And also, we do think that people will be really interested in this event and we would like to know your opinions, not only about GameModes, but in general about the server. But of course, we made this to have fun.


Our goals of this event is that we would like to know your opinions a little bit more. We would like to see if you have enjoyed the event and how will you react to the results. We also want to bring more attention to our platforms, apart from the minecraft server.


There are going to be 3 rounds in the awards. The first and second rounds are eliminations. The third round is also...
Hello people!

I want to bring up to your attention that we have finally updated our xenforo version from 1.4 to 1.5.

New implemented features

Two-step verification and Security improvements.

Floating Notices.

Profile post comment improvements, including soft deletion and liking.

Welcome messages.

Bypass spam check prevention.

Ability to search profile post comments.

Comments can now be reported.

Comments can be approved/unapproved.

Moderator actions on profile post comments are now logged in the Moderator Log.

Warnings can be issued on comments.

Comments can be soft deleted (and restored) via the spam clean process.

There are a few more features that can be found here.

Hello SpainPvP Forumers!

Here I bring to you the forum updates for 14th of March 2016!

[Update 21/03/16] Added 500 and 1000 Likes medals

General New Updates

Created a F.A.Q page.

Rules were translated to Russian.

Report Abuse template translated to Russian.

New forum medals

500 Messages

Friend rank

VIP rank

Event Manager rank

Owner rank

+ A change in 1000 Messages medal

Note: More medals will be added soon.

New sub-forums in Community Corner

Meet the Community where you can post a thread using the template for other people to know you better.

Meet the Staff where our Staff members can post a meet the staff thread.